The Dark Knight – All Star Cast


Taking a role in a movie like The Dark Knight can be a real boost for some actors to their profile, I’m not sure who this is going to benefit most as all the actors and actresses are pretty established, It might well be Maggie Gynlenhall or Aaron Eckhart who does best out of this but take a look and decide for yourself, with all the major cast player from the Dark Knight listed below.

First up are the returning Characters from Batman Begins, starting with the title character.

Christian Bale – Batman
Bale got rave reviews and all round praise for his take on Bruce Wayne and Batman. Previously a cultish actor who was a child star in Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun. Bale is the first batman who looks physically strong enough to handle the role. Sure Keaton was a good Batman but at the time he didn’t have the physicality of the part.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Rachel Dawes
The role originally played by Katie Holmes who passed up the opportunity to reprise her role. Critics didn’t take to Holmes in the role so the pretty and sexy Gyllenhaal is up, who should bring a more mature and worldly wise attitude to the character.

Michael Cain – Alfred
Michael Cain is back reprising his role as Bruce’s butler Alfred Pennyworth who provides the moral support and guidance for Bruce.

Gary Oldman – Lieutenant James Gordon
Another returning cast member is Gary Oldman as the lieutenant trying to do good in a pretty corrupt city, another one of the experienced actors that movies like these often attract.

Morgan Freeman – Lucius Fox
At the end of the last movie we saw Lucius Fox get his promotion as the newly appointed CEO of Wayne Enterprises, some one on the board who Bruce can trust.

New Characters

Heath Ledger – The Joker
At the end of Batman Begins we were introduced to the joker as we saw his calling card, cleverly this allowed the producers to take their time with the casting. After much speculation Heath Ledger was announced to be playing the well known criminal, the Joker.

Aaron Eckhart – Harvey Dent

Elkhart plays Two Face/Harvey dent, following the tradition of multiplying up on the bad guys the Dark Knight gives us two bad guys for the price of one. Harvey Dent is a lawyer who? Revise this.

Eric Roberts – playing Sal Maroni
Sal Maroni played by Eric Roberts is a mafia boss/Kingpin which will give Roberts his biggest stage in a good few years. He should be perfect for the role having had his fair share of playing the bad guy.