The Crazies old and new posters – Posted


The upcoming remake of the Crazies which we’ve already covered here in recent days is this week’s feature in Posted.  We have the original poster from the 1973 The Crazies and we also have the new 2009 remake posters so we can look at the contrasting styles from then till now.

First up we are going to take at look at the original poster for The Crazies first released back in 1973.  I really like the poster it’s got that propaganda style and is much more a piece of art than the modern contemporary poster of the 2009 version.  The composition is very busy which is in keeping with the style but it also lends itself to trying to explain too much to the viewer and losing some mystique about the movie itself.  Most of all though check out the font used on the title i love it.

The Crazies new poster is very much of today’s poster and presentation style, it’s very much about negative space and what the poster doesn’t say than what it does tell you.  The iconic gasmask image tells you that something is up and with a title like The Crazies, newcomers to the film are likely to get a sense of what kind of film it’s going to be.

I like both posters for The Crazies but if I had to choose one I think would sell the film more I would choose the 2009 poster, if I had to choose one to hang on my wall I would choose the 1973 version.  Which one do you prefer?