The Benchwarmers – Review

benchwarmers_1.jpgBenchwarmers has a movie title that any one living outside of the United States is going to struggle to identify with in this comedy starring Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder. Benchwarmers is a term for anyone on the baseball team who doesn’t actually get much play and the 3 main characters in the movie know a lot about this.

Despite it having baseball as a theme it’s actually an underdog story with some surreal elements thrown in for good measure. All the main characters are likable and decent comedy actors. We follow the story of Richie and Clark, played by Heder and Spade, as they start a baseball little league tournament to help all the benchwarmers like them. Comedy rivalry and random things happen along the way including agro phobic relatives, large Star Wars characters and real baseball stars making film cameos.

For laughs and amusement it worked for me, if you liked Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin, you’ll probably get a good few laughs out of this. It’s not quite a There’s something about Mary but it’s not A Me, Myself and Irene either.

After naming nearly all the comedies I can think of that play out in a similar vein to this movie you should be getting a good idea of where it’s coming from. So a slightly dumb goofy comedy that will probably raise a few good laughs and a smile just don’t expect any sequels though.