The Bank Job – Review


The Bank Job is a British movie starring Jason Stratham, Saffron Burrows, Richard Lintern & James Faulkner among others, and living up to its title it all about a bank which our protagonists plan to rob. Based on a true story The Bank Job is set in 1970’s England, and looks the part too, with suitable clothes, settings, decor and vehicles. As we follow our anti heroes through the movie the tension builds nicely as much of the plot is revealed to us but this doesn’t make the movie in any way predictable or boring.

The Bank Job looks great, some of the scenes are a bit sparsely populated but the overall effect is good, it has a style that you don’t often see in cinema. Acting is also top notch with Saffron Burrows turning in a great performance, and Jason Stratham gives a convincing lead turn and has the recognition to hold the film together. With quite a lot of nudity and some amount of violence The Bank Job is definitely an adult movie.

Even though it’s based on a true story, which I normally don’t like in films, they sometimes sacrifice a good story line to stay too true to the original event. This doesn’t happen in The Bank Job, i’m not sure if the story has been enhanced to make it more suitable for the big screen or if it was just a good old story in the first place. Either way the plot is layered enough to keep the interest in the characters, which I’m sure are enhanced for plot hooks but it all holds together well and keeps you going right to the end.