Terminator Salvation – News and trailer


The Terminators are back in this the 4th movie in the series, entitled Terminator Salvation, this time round though it won’t focus on a terminator being sent back in time or into the future to save or kill someone. Instead this is the start of a potential new trilogy set in the future world. Taking the role of an older John Conner in Terminator Salvation is Christian Bale, who is now the leader of the resistance against Skynet in the year 2018.

The story is set where the creation of the Terminator 101, 800 series is being produced and John Connor and his wife, along with Kyle Reese are trying to lead the rebellion against Skynet. When a stranger named Marcus Wright appears, with only memories of being on death row Conner is unsure where Wright has come from, the past or the future? Regardless they embark on a mission to put a halt to Skynet’s plans to gain total control.

A Teaser trailer is already out for Terminator Salvation and while it doesn’t show much it does give you some hint at the tone and look of the movie. If your interested you can check it out over at the official Terminator Salvation blog.