TeenWolf remake on its way, new version set to bare its teeth


If you remember the 80’s then you most surely remember the movie TeenWolf, if you dont remember it then your either too young, too old, or have a really bad memory like me.  Seriously i can only remember a few scenes from TeenWolf although i think, i remember that i quite enjoyed it at the time, and of course anything with Wolf in it’s title earns instant cool points, that goes for everything not just movies.

Moviehole broke the news on this story a few days ago and it seems that Warner Bros. are finally making use of the licenses they bought up a few years ago, you can check out the origional story here.  It’s safe to say a few things here, firstly the movie wont star Micheal J Fox or Jason Bateman and most likely it won’t stray to far from the origional forumula because if it remember right it was a bit of a hit.  Its going to be interesting to see what they do with this do you want to see a Teen Wolf remake?