Twilight New Moon – Full Trailer

new_moon_full_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg As the release of the second movie in the Twilight series, New Moon gets closer and closer we have now been treated to a new movie trailer for the sure to be massive vampire movie. This time around we get to see a lot more about the story and some of the bigger scenes are highlighted here
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New Moon Trailer and Videos

new_moon_1_thumbnail.jpg For all you Twilight fans we have a New Moon trailer fest with the original trailer and some interviews for the upcoming second part of the very popular Vampire trilogy based on the books by Stephenie Meyer
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Twilight Review

twilight_1_thumbnail.jpg Twilight follows the story of Bella Swan a 17 year old that moves in with her father in a gloomy forest town of Forks, Washington, when her mother and new boyfriend are upping and moving to Florida. At her new school Bella is the subject of a lot of interest of the local boys and is quickly befriended by a small group
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