HD-DVD & Blu-ray – No end in sight part 2

hddvd_bluray_thumbnail_4.jpg You may have seen them in the shops with their colour branding in full force, both sides have gone for an obvious image and branding of their format. You would have to be having a bad day to buy the wrong format in the shops with them picking the opposite cool and warm colours of the spectrum to promote their brands.
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HD-DVD & Blu-ray – No end in sight

hddvd_bluray_thumbnail_1.jpg The current state of the high definition DVD market is reaching all time lows with both formats jostling for the lead position in the eyes of the viewer and among support with the major movie studios. New news stories are posted weekly in papers and magazines and on hundreds of news sites.
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hd-dvd and blu-ray details and news

hddvd_thumbnail_1.jpg You can buy them now, and if you like to be at the forefront of new tech, you might even own one already, yes its the two new competing high definition video disc formats. HD DVD and blu-ray are two names being thrown around a lot recently, yet there have been no outright 'you must buy one of these now' statements, this is because there is no clear winner yet.
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