The Green Hornet Movie Trailer with Seth Rogan and Jay Chou

the_green_hornet_1_thumb.jpg The Green Hornet is the latest in a long line of comic book adaptations coming to the big screen. This time the title character is played by a more non typical lead in Seth Rogan who plays the title character The Green Hornet, newspaper publisher by day, and crime fighter by night aided by his valet Kato, played by Jay Chou
Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen making The Green Hornet

green_hornet_1_thumbnail.jpg Good news for Stephen Chow movie fans, remember Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? Maybe if you’re a big fan you’ve even seen a few of his earlier movies like King of Beggars. Either way Stephen Chow has signed on to star and direct in Seth Rogen’s big screen version of the Green Hornet
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Pineapple Express – Comedy trailer worth watching

pineapple_express_1_thumbnail.jpg Pineapple Express is the latest Judd Apatow produced movie with direction from David Gordon Green and starring Apatow regulars Seth Rogen and James Franco as two lazy stoner's who stumble upon a murder by a corrupt police officer
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The Signal, Horton hears a who & Drillbit Taylor – Posted

the_signal_posted_thumbnail.jpg Once again this week we have a good mix of posters from a variety of genre's and movie styles. First up is the The Signal a horror film that is dragging its heels on its release. After first being shown at the Sundance in early 2007, well its finally due to be released in February 2008 after a year long wait
Knocked Up – Review

knocked_up_thumbnail_1.jpg Knocked up is a movie by Judd Apatow who you may know from TV shows like Freaks and Geeks or movies like The 40 year old virgin. In Knocked up we follow the life of Ben Stone an easy going stoner who lives with his buddies and survives from a payout cheque he got 10 years ago.
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