The Tournament Review

the_tournament_1_thumbnail.jpg The Tournament is a full on action movie featuring a varied cast of assassins fighting in a seven yearly scheduled tournament to determine the best assassin who wins a massive cash prize for their efforts. The tournament is watched behind the scenes by a collection of billionaires who follow the action via CCTV and get to place their bets on the outcome of the tournament. Each participant in the tournament is implanted with a tracking device which allows them to be followed by the behind the scenes crew and also to be located by the other assassins
28 Weeks Later – Review

28_weeks_later_thumbnail_3.jpg 28 Weeks Later is the cleverly title sequel to the virus/zombie survival hit 28 Days Later that was directed by Danny Boyle. This sequel has a new director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo with Danny Boyle back in a producer role
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28 Weeks Later news

28_weeks_later_thumbnail_1.jpg Its seems like ages since the shocker zombie movie 28 Days Later came out. Well it was years ago back in 2002, it had stylish visuals, great trailers and some eye-catching poster and promotional design coupled with direction by Danny Boyle.
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