From Paris with Love and Halloween 2 – Posted

from_paris_with_love_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted, our round up of some of the latest movie and film posters, we're taking a look at two interesting but widly different films. From Horror, with Rob Zombie returning behind the camera in the latest Michael Myers film, to an upcoming and very fun looking action movie co written by Luc Besson
Diary of the Dead – Romero is back with the zombies

dairy_of_the_dead_thumbnail_1.jpg George Romero’s Dead series are hugely popular cult movies, and his new movie Dairy of the Dead is looking to satisfy that cult audience
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Halloween, Bee Movie & The Spirit – Posted

posted_01_sep_07_thumbnail.jpg We have 3 posters lined up right here with a nice mix of styles and genre's. From classic horror movie remakes by contemporary cult directors, to comic voiced animation movies and finishing up with another Frank Miller to Movie Adaptation with a little twist.
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