XXX 3 is Coming Soon – Vin Diesel on Board

xxx_3_thumbnail.jpg So with the return of Vin Diesel can they make XXX 3 a success, because in the second movie we were told about the death of Xander Cage, but it seems the rumours were false, and that Xander faked his own death to escape the National Security Agency. Now Cage is heading back there after a 8 year break
The Mummy 3 – New Trailer looking good

the_mummy_tomb_dragon_emperor_1_thumbnail.jpg The new trailer for Rob Cohen’s The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is on-line now
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The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – sequel already confirmed

the_mummy_4_1_thumbnail.jpg The 3rd movie in the successful and entertaining Mummy series hasn’t even been released yet
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