Babylon A.D. Review

babylon_ad_review_thumbnail.jpg The near future is a dark place and when a mercenary called Toorop takes a job that involves transporting a girl he picks off more than he can chew. This is the world of Babylon A D, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz who later slammed the studio who he believes has massacred his movie
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Sunshine – Review

sunshine_thumbnail_2.jpg Sunshine is a bold and stylish sci fi movie that borrows heavily from some of its predecessors in the genre.
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The Mummy 3 with most of the cast returning

the_mummy_3_thumbnail_1.jpg With Indiana Jones 4 hype news stories breaking all over, were going to take a look at one of the movies it inspired. The Mummy and The Mummy returns directed by Steven Sommers were very much Indiana Jones style adventures, with similar characters, tempo and visual styles. With a likeable cast including Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Omar Sheriff and John Hannah, the Mummy was a rollercoaster theme park ride of a movie.
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Babylon A.D pictures and details

babylon_thumbnail_1.jpgBabylon Ad, has been attracting a lot of attention recently for all the wrong reasons, but with the marketing machine bound to be in full swing for this release, it’s not really that bad a thing for the movie to be getting some news coverage.
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