Priest – Upcoming Horror Western with Paul Bettany and Maggie Q

priest_1_thumbnail.jpg Priest is an upcoming western vampire movie, based on a popular comic/manga by Toykopop. Priest follows the story of a tormented Priest Ivan Isaacs played by Paul Bettany who is made immortal in order to have his revenge in a long war which spans centuries of war. Ivans power is fueled by his rage at the acts committed upon him and those close to him and teams up with an atheist federal marshall Coburn, played by Cam Gigandet
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3 Strange sports comedies – 3 Things

3_things_sports_comedy_thumbnail.jpg Sports and movies have been around for a while, similar to how genres split and form, there are now various genres of sport films
Balls of Fury – Review

balls_of_fury_thumbnail_4.jpg Set in the world of ping pong, Balls of Fury is a comedy sports movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. We follow the story of the main character Randy Daytona that was a childhood ping pong star that lost an important tournament match
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Live Free or Die Hard – Review

live_free_or_die_hard_thumbnail_2.jpg McClain is back Living free and dying harder, yes Live Free or Die Hard is the latest, the fourth movies in the Die Hard series, which sees old school world domination plan spoling John McClain back in action
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Balls of Fury – News

balls_of_fury_thumbnail_1.jpg Balls of Fury firmly has its tongue in its cheek, with a movie baddie called Feng played by Christopher Walken, and a story revolving around a Ping Pong tournament how else could it be played.
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