Lost Boys 3 – Lost Boys Sequel News

lost_boys_2_the_tribe_2_thumbnail.jpg Not sure how i missed this one before, but Lost Boys 3 is all set to start filming this month in South Africa, were we will see the return of Edgar Frog played by Corey Feldman along with the other Frog brother played by Jamison Newlander
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Lost Boys – the Tribe Review

lost_boys_2_the_tribe_2_thumbnail.jpg Lost Boys - The Tribe follows the formula almost exactly of its 1987 prequel and that’s not a bad idea because the original Lost Boys was a cult classic hit with great characters and some great visuals and soundtrack. Lost Boys 2 or Lost Boys - The Tribe follows the story of Chris, Tad Hilgenbrink and Nicole Emerson played by Autumn Reeser the Children of recently deceased Michael and Star from the original film
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Lost Boys – The Tribe – Now Lost Boys 3

lost_boys_2_tribe_1_thumbnail.jpg While the Lost Boys – The Tribe was released on DVD recently in the states and has been getting average reviews with a whole lot of nostalgia attached, and weight on its shoulders to stand up to the original
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