Trick ‘r Treat Sequel is a Possibility

trick_r_treat_6_thumbnail.jpg Great news for fans of the very cool and entertaining Halloween themed anthology movie Trick 'r Treat. It seems that Micheal Dougherty, writer and directer of Trick R Treat is already making plans for a second movie, with the story ideas already partly laid out in case they go ahead with a sequel
Law Abiding Citizen – Movie Trailer

law_abiding_citizen_1_thumbnail.jpg Law Abiding Citizen is an upcoming movie starring Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx and Leslie Bibb. The story centers on Butlers character Clyde Shelton whose wife and daughter are killed when two men invade their house during the night. One of the men is sentenced to death and the other is let off on condition of cooperation with the district attorney's office, this provokes Shelton to exact his own revenge and seek his own justice
Trick ‘r Treat – Horror Trailer and News

trick_r_treat_1_thumbnail.jpg Trick 'r Treat is an upcoming horror release, set to hid DVD and Blu-ray on the 27th of October 2009, it complies a series of five related Halloween spooky and scary stories, with the central theme being the appearance of one character called Sam a small trick or treater dressed in a pumpkin mask