Super 8 Movie Trailer – J.J. Abrams and Spielberg collaborate on new sci fi flick

super_8_1_thumb.jpg Super 8 is set in 1979 in Ohio where a group of kids are filming their own zombie movie on a remote railway. When a truck crashes with a train the kids witness something that isn't human emerge from the wreckage. Super 8 is a collaboration between a J.J. Abrams who wrote the story and is directing, and Steven Speilberg who is producing Super 8 alongside Abrams
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JJ Abrams talks Star Trek Sequel and Mission Impossible IV

star_trek_sequel_news_1_thumbnail.jpg Good news for JJ Abrams fans and Star Trek and Mission Impossible fans too with Abrams recently talking to The Los Angeles Times and Sci Fi Wire about the two upcoming sequels
New Watchmen and Star Trek theatrical trailers

watchmen_6_thumbnail.jpg Zach Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen movie has another full trailer out now and it looks pretty damn good. With some seriously slick visuals and lots of attention to detail that easily stands up to high definition scrutiny, I’m expecting that fans of the comic book cant wait to see this one
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New Star Trek photos surface

new_star_trek_1_thumbnail.jpg JJ Abrams much awaited reboot of the Star Trek universe is getting closer to its release, and in true movie hype build up style were getting something every few months just to keep our interest piqued
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J.J. Abrams creates an Earthquake

earthquake_jjabrams_1_thumbnail.jpg No doubt you all already know about J.J. Abrams, and if you don't then he's multi talented, writer, director, composer and producer, Abrams appears to have skills in the plenty. Recently bringing back the disaster movie with a fresh new face in the form of the very gripping Cloverfield, hijacking prime time TV in the form of Lost and directing the third movie in the Mission Impossible series with relative ease
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J.J Abrams Star Trek – Teaser trailer

star_trek_1_thumbnail.jpg The First teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek movie is now out, to get all the excited fans hyped about this one. Lots of online news has been floating around regarding the new Star Trek for months now
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JJ Abrams Star Trek is Looking for the unique

star_trek_abrams_thumbnail_1.jpg JJ Abrams new star trek movie has a lot of buzz about it, rumour of returning actors from previous Star Trek movies and tv shows? Who is cast who isn't, is Abrams gonna bring his magic Star Trek?
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