The Golden Globe award results 2009

golden_globes_2008_thumbnail.jpg So it’s that time of year again, and the awards season is kicking off with the 2009 Golden Globes. Cue some interesting nominations which always seem to affect the subsequent award shows. And with the results already in and many of you will already know who’s scooped the big awards, with a couple of films claiming a lions share of awards this year
The Dark Knight, the Joker and Batman & Speed Racer – Posted

dark_knight_jokerposter1_thumbnail.jpg This week we have a mix of new posters, including the 2 new Dark Knight posters that finally look the part. The previous posters for the Dark Knight have been a mix of bad and worse, with all of them being appetizers for the main dish
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Batman Trailer – more of The Dark Knight

dark_knight_new_thumbnail_4.jpg It took a long time coming but there is finally a proper trailer for The Dark Knight along with a couple of new posters for Batman's new movie
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