Sin City sequel just around the corner reportedly

sin_city_two_thumbnail.jpg Good and bad news for Sin City fans, director Robert Rodriguez has spoken out about the often delayed and much awaited sequel. After speaking out at a US interview Rodriguez had this to say on Sin City 2
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The Spirit is coming, my city screams, she is my lover, and I am her spirit

the_spirit_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Frank Millers adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit is all set to land this December in theatres near you. With the writing and direction handled in the main by Miller who was pretty much hand picked by film producer Michael Uslan, and Uslan who had promised the creator Eisner that he would not let the project go to someone who didn’t get the tone of the comic
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Che, Angels and Demons and the Spirit – Posted

che_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week we have three interesting movies with three interesting posters, from comic adaptation to sequel to the story of Che Guevara
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The Spirit and Paul Blart – Mall Cop trailers

the_spirit_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Two movies on pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, first up is the new trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit. Dark and brooding the trailer is stylish and intriguing, although it doesn't give anything away i think that's a good thing
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Halloween, Bee Movie & The Spirit – Posted

posted_01_sep_07_thumbnail.jpg We have 3 posters lined up right here with a nice mix of styles and genre's. From classic horror movie remakes by contemporary cult directors, to comic voiced animation movies and finishing up with another Frank Miller to Movie Adaptation with a little twist.
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Frank Miller’s 300 News

300_news_thumb.jpg After the visually stunning Sin City, comes a movie version of Frank Miller's 300. The style of the movie is something you wont have seen before and well, it just looks powerful, this is one that wont arrive soon enough.
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