Danny Boyle license to direct – Bond Rumors

james_bond_danny_boyle_thumbnail.jpg Combine two of my favorite things in the film world, Danny Boyle movies and James Bond movies and what do you get? I can simply tell you that you could probably get my favorite Bond movie of all time
The 2009 Oscar’s Winners and roundup

oscar_2009_results_thumbnail.jpg It’s that time of year again, all your favorite movies, and a lot of movies you hadn’t heard of before, get nominated for an award or two or three, or twenty. At least one person/winner every year makes a terrible speech that makes you cringe for them, their loved ones, their family, their pets, and the entire human race
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The Golden Globe award results 2009

golden_globes_2008_thumbnail.jpg So it’s that time of year again, and the awards season is kicking off with the 2009 Golden Globes. Cue some interesting nominations which always seem to affect the subsequent award shows. And with the results already in and many of you will already know who’s scooped the big awards, with a couple of films claiming a lions share of awards this year
Sunshine – Review

sunshine_thumbnail_2.jpg Sunshine is a bold and stylish sci fi movie that borrows heavily from some of its predecessors in the genre.
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28 Weeks Later news

28_weeks_later_thumbnail_1.jpg Its seems like ages since the shocker zombie movie 28 Days Later came out. Well it was years ago back in 2002, it had stylish visuals, great trailers and some eye-catching poster and promotional design coupled with direction by Danny Boyle.
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