Crank 2 – High Voltage – movie sequel news

crank_4_thumbnail.jpg The star character of Crank 2, Chev Chelios, the man with a short amount of time and a lot of energy is back with a confirmed title for the sequel to 2006's Crank. Even though I suggested Cranked as a suitable new title no one has listened
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Crank 2 – its getting Cranked up

crank_thumbnail_3.jpg The good news is that Crank is getting a sequel and the bad news is that Crank is getting a sequel(does it really need one). Yep the frenetic and action packed rollercoaster ride of a movie that was Crank is getting a follow up.
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Crank – Review

crank_thumbnail_1.jpg Crank its a nice little title for a movie, and it describes it well, the movie starts off as it means to go on, actually it just goes on gaining momentum. The things to like about this movie are, the frenetic pace, the non typical direction, the rather original, very contemporary storyline and some seriously funny situations that the main character Chev Chelios gets into as a result of killing the wrong person in his hitman day job.
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