Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in Duplicity

duplicity_1_thumbnail.jpg Duplicity is a film that looks to be set in the cat and mouse/con man tradition we have seen before in plenty of films and stories. Most recently made popular in the Ocean’s trilogy, which also happens to share one of the stars of Duplicity in Julia Roberts
Trailer for the upcoming action thriller, The International

the_international_1_thumbnail.jpg The trailer for this upcoming action thriller looks tense and on the edge of your seat stuff. The film stars Clive Own and Naomi Watts who respectively play a Interpol agent and a district attorney who work together in an attempt to bring down a very powerful and very corrupt bank
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Shoot Em Up with guns blazing

shoot_em_up_thumbnail_1.jpg Enter Mr Smith, he has guns a plenty and he likes to use them, not only use them as you would a gun but use them in a fashion, in a style, as a statement. This is Mr Smith the star of the upcoming gun fest Shoot Em Up
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