The Dark Knight Review

dark_knight_6_thumbnail.jpg Making a sequel always seems to be more difficult looking in from the outside. If you’re getting a sequel chances are the first movie did well, and Batman Begins was one of those movies
Terminator Salvation – News and trailer

terminator_salvation_1_thumbnail.jpg The Terminators are back in this the 4th movie in the series, entitled Terminator Salvation
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The Dark Knight, the Joker and Batman & Speed Racer – Posted

dark_knight_jokerposter1_thumbnail.jpg This week we have a mix of new posters, including the 2 new Dark Knight posters that finally look the part. The previous posters for the Dark Knight have been a mix of bad and worse, with all of them being appetizers for the main dish
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Batman Trailer – more of The Dark Knight

dark_knight_new_thumbnail_4.jpg It took a long time coming but there is finally a proper trailer for The Dark Knight along with a couple of new posters for Batman's new movie
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The Dark Knight – All Star Cast

the_dark_knight_thumbnail_2.jpg Taking a role in a movie like The Dark Knight can be a real boost for some actors to their profile, I’m not sure who this is going to benefit most as all the actors and actresses are pretty established
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