Danny Boyle license to direct – Bond Rumors

james_bond_danny_boyle_thumbnail.jpg Combine two of my favorite things in the film world, Danny Boyle movies and James Bond movies and what do you get? I can simply tell you that you could probably get my favorite Bond movie of all time
Casino Royale highest Bond earner

casino_royale_thumbnail_4.jpg Casino Royale is a real success, the pressure that was building has dissipated completely and transformed into a nice little earner, the BBC website reported this news today.
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Casino Royale – Review

casino_royale_thumb_1.jpg New bond Daniel Craig comes up with the goods in his first outing, teamed with the reprisal of Martin Cambell as the director and an old story, it works and gels together. The familiar pacing is present and the elements are all there, underlying structure is intact but the detail, grittiness of the cinematography and the unfolding of the story is what makes the movie work, along with solid performances from all the cast.
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