The Green Hornet Movie Review

the_green_hornet_1_thumb.jpg Of the two superhero movies to be released in 2011, The Green Hornet and The Green Lantern, the hornet has struck first. The Green Hornet Stars Seth Rogan as Britt Reid or the Green Hornet who is the 28 year old good for nothing lay about son of James Reid the owner of The Daily Sentinel newspaper. When Reid dies from a presumed wasp sting his son finds an ally in former maid and engineer Kato played by Jay Chou. The two out of boredom and financial freedom decide to behead a memorial statue of James Reid out of their shared hatred of him and stumble into being criminal vigilantes
Drew Barrymore hints at Charlie’s Angels third movie

charlies_angels_3_thumbnail.jpg Often described as guilty pleasure, the first two Charlie's Angels films were leave your brain at home comedy action movies with some feisty heroines wielding some bad kung fu
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Shrek the 3rd news and details

shrek_3_thumbnail_1.jpg Shrek is back for a 3rd movie, testament to the success of the previous 2 movies. Well this time Shrek and Fiona are on royal duties in Far Far Away Land, when really all they want is to be back at home in the nice muddy swamp!
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