30 Days of Night gets itself a sequel

30days_thumbnail_1.jpg If you haven't had a chance to see the original yet and like your vampire movies, then 30 Days of Night is well worth checking out
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3 Vampire movies with bite – 3 Things

3_things_vampires_1_thumbnails.jpg Vampire movies are a strange genre, hard to get right, they often fall into the action and or special effects genre, which are often lacking in deep character development
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Night Watch – Rewind

night_watch_thumbnail_3.jpg Nightwatch was and still is a good looking movie, with stylish lighting, design and special effects. Hailing from Russia, Nightwatch is a blockbuster mythology/vampire movie that is an adapted from the first in a trilogy of famous books
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30 Days of Night, My Blueberry Nights & Rambo – Posted

thirty_days_of_night_posted_thumbnail.jpg 30 Days of night is now out everywhere, and it reached the no1 position in the States in its first week. The scary survival horror movie with a vampire story that is dark and gritty
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30 Day of Night, Balls of Fury & Sweeney Todd – Posted

sweeney_todd_posted_thumbnail_1.jpg This week, were looking at scary and promising horror, pure comedy fun and quite possibly the first movie based on table tennis and finishing up with a dark gothic tale about the demon barber of Fleet Street.
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