Sweeney Todd – Review


Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a Tim Burton Directed movie staring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter adapted from the Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler Musical. With Typical Tim Burton flair the film is a visual feast as we follow the story of Sweeney Todd previously known as Benjamin Barker who was banished from London and forced to work in Australia under false pretences by Judge Turpin, who has intentions to Sweeny Todd’s wife and seeks to remove him from the picture. Barker/Todd is forced to leave behind his wife and young daughter and we start on the story as Todd returns to London and Fleet Street with intentions of correcting the past, and seeking revenge.

Sweeney Todd is almost all singing, but for non musical loving people, it’s no where near as bad as you might think. In fact Sweeney Todd is the exact opposite, it’s really really good. Firstly the look of the movie is definitely Burton, with a muted colour palette and subtle flashes of colour interjected here and there to draw attention. The sets and costume are fantastic from the dark gritty interiors to the details in the shirts and clothing. Sweeney Todd is a visual treat from start to finish with a fair smattering of blood, that isn’t as shocking as it should be due to the performances, drama, and the overlaid singing.

The acting and singing are great, with a standout performance from Johnny Depp, truly solid performances from Helena Bonham Carter as Nellie Lovett, Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin, Jamie Campbell Bower as the sailer, Anthony Hope ,who forms a friendship with Todd and Jayne Wisener as Johanna Barker, Todd’s daughter. It’s easily worthy of the nominations it’s so far received and one of the best movies I’ve seen over the last 12 months.

Stunning looks, a great story and script, surprisingly interesting singing and some graphic violence with some darkly humorous overtones, Sweeney Todd is fantastic.


Article by - Alan Dalton

Posted on - February 5th, 2008

Categories: Main Movie Review
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4 Responses to “Sweeney Todd – Review”

  1. soundtrackgeek Says:

    I was weirdly fascinated by this, I don’t know if it was Johnny Depp or the setting, or the music, or the violence. I don’t usually like movies like this, but this is the best musical I’ve seen since the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  2. Dalton Says:

    Yeh im not a fan of musicals either, and i wasnt sure i would like this one, but it was great.

  3. Australia Says:

    My #1 continent is truthfully Kangaroo land. Cool article. Learned a few things.

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