Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen making The Green Hornet


Good news for Stephen Chow movie fans, remember Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? Maybe if you’re a big fan you’ve even seen a few of his earlier movies like King of Beggars. Either way Stephen Chow has signed on to star and direct in Seth Rogen’s big screen version of the Green Hornet. Apparently Rogen was keen to get Chow on board to play Kato to his Green Hornet and once on board it was decided that Chow should also direct the remake too. I’m pretty excited about this because Chow does great comedy martial arts movies and Rogan writes pretty amazing scripts that have a good balance of comedy layered within them.

Now onto the bad news, the Green Hornet is not set for release until 2010, how far away does that sound? Well the tentative date so far is June the 25th and its set to be released by Sony Pictures. Definitely one to look forward too, just not quite yet.