Spiderman 3 Movie details


Its just over 5 months till the 3rd Spiderman is due for a worldwide release on the 04th May 2007. Sam Raimi is directing again and the promotion machine has been going into overdrive, new posters, trailers and behind the scenes shots. The posters have been catching my eye for a few days now, with the arrival of venom the posters are dark and often monochromatic really moody i like them.

No Major details are available on the story yet but i can say that this new movie features new foes including Sandman, who has some serious abilities and Venom who is spawned partly from Spiderman and and alien black substance that’s gives him new powers.

Now with the lack of details regarding the new movie why not look at some fun and interesting spider facts. Bear in mind all this information is what it is, i cannot confirm or deny it to be true because i am not a spider or a scientist.

1 – Spider silk pound for pound is stronger than steel.
2 – A jumping spider can jump up to 40 times its own body length
3 – Spiders have blue blood
4 – Spiders have 48 knees, 8 legs with 6 joints each