Shoot Em Up with guns blazing


Enter Mr Smith, he has guns a plenty and he likes to use them, not only use them as you would a gun but use them in a fashion, in a style and as a statement. This is Mr Smith the star of the upcoming and appropriately gun fest Shoot Em Up, starring Clive Owen as the commonly named hero/anti hero. With more than just a nod of the hat to John Woo this frenetic looking action flick is due out soon and has more than a few things going for it.

First thing is the new age twist, Mr Smith is a nanny with a military background, in the wrong place at the wrong time. A witness to a pregnant woman in danger, Mr Smith steps in, getting caught up in a series of events that threatens to harm him and those around him as his lady friend played by Monica Bellucci gets involved in Smiths dangerous situation.

Clive Owen takes the lead role in Shoot Em Up and its not a typical choice, Owen hasn’t done an all action movie like this before and that makes the movie a slightly different affair than had they chose someone like Jet Li or Jason Stratham to head it out. The last few movies Owen has done have been pretty serious affairs with stuff like Closer and Children of Men in his recent back catalogue.

Clever Marketing has been a key point of Shoot Em Up’s notoriety, with viral spoof Youtube videos, prank promotional products including a bullet proof baby pram and some contemporary eye catching posters and you have all the ingredients for an end of summer action hit.

The trailer for Shoot Em Up is available at Apple here.