Scream 4 News – Wes Craven Likely to Direct


Horror maestro Wes Craven has been getting close with the movie press regarding the Scream 4 rumours.  Craven was reported to have signed on to direct the fourth movie in the very popular and actually very good horror series.  Can you believe its been over 10 years since Craven last made a Scream movie.

Well posted a story here about Craven being confirmed to direct the fourth movie and then Wes responsed to it on Twitter no less stating that he hadn’t quite yet signed on the dotted line but hat negiotians are still going on.  This was Wes Craven’s actual quote on Scream 4.

“In response to the rumors about me directing SCREAM 4, a deal has not yet been set, so stay tuned for accurate information.”

So it sounds promising and i for one can’t wait to see another Scream movie on the big screen, the real question is, who is going to return from the previous movies and how are they going to fit into the story?

More news as we get it.