Science fiction thriller Pandorum sure to leave you in a daze


Pandorum is an upcoming science fiction movie with a thriller horror twist. The story focuses on two crew members of a spaceship who are suddenly awoken with no idea of their mission, objectives or why they have been woken up.  Pandorum now has a full trailer available and from it you can tell that the story is obviously vague due to the film makers not wanting to give you too much without you seeing the movie.  So expects twists and turns in this quite dark, gloomy but very stylish looking sci fi flick that reminds me a lot of Event Horizon on first impressions.

Pandorum stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as the two main leads that both wake up unsure of the current situation, with support from mixed martial arts star Kung Le.

If you want to read more on what looks to be one of the most promising science fiction movies of 2009 you can visit the official Pandorum site here.