Sam Rockwell starring in Sci Fi movie Moon


Moon is an upcoming science fiction movie, starring Sam Rockwell in a custom built starring role, written just for him by writer and first time feature director, Duncan Jones. In Moon Rockwell plays a lone astronaut living on the mysterious star, in command of a mining mission for natural gases to provide the earth with more fuel resources. He is employed by a company called Lunar, who stationed him there at a moon base along with a sentient computer called Gerty, voiced by Kevin Spacey. The story focuses on Rockwell’s character Sam Bell who is close to the end of his 3 year mission on the moon, when he discovers that he’s not as alone on the moon as he first though, and he suspects that the company Lunar may be up to something.

Moon has gained a lot of acclaim after its showing at the Sundance film festival and from what i’ve read seems to have a lot going for it. Sam Rockwell in a lead role is always a bonus, and bring in first time feature director Duncan Jones who from this very interesting interview at Coming Soon here, comes across really well. Add to the mix a limited budget which from what I read forced the film makers to consider their choices well and carefully, and you could have a great little sci fi movie to kick off 2009, and one which I’m definitely going to be seeing at the first chance.