Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris back on screen together in TMI


Good news for comedy fans, because Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds are due to team up again on the big screen. If you haven’t seen Anna Faris in Just Friends then your missing out on a treat, her and Reynolds looked great on screen together and had the quirkiest and in my opinion funniest moment of the movie together.

Well now they are teaming back up to star in a new movie called TMI, which I’m presuming stands for To Much Information. Variety broke the story here, and it seems the story is based on the fact that while honest is a good way to be in a relationship, giving away to much information might be going to far.

This all sounds like a great set up for both of these actors, with Faris being one of my favorite comic actresses today and if these two are half as funny as they were in Just Friends i can see this being on to keep an eye on. More news on TMI as we get it.