Run, Fat Boy, Run – Review


Run, Fat Boy, Run is a romantic comedy directed by none other than Friends David Schwimmer, and starring Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria and Dylan Moran. We follow the story of Pegg’s character Dennis Doyle, who 5 years ago was set to marry Libby played by Thandie Newton, who was pregnant with his child. Cold Feet strikes Dennis and he runs out on Libby and the wedding, heading off down the street as fast as possible. Back in the present and Libby is dating super successful Whit played by Hank Azaria who among other things likes to run. With Dennis realizing that his chances of getting Libby back could be now or never he set off in a competition for her affection by running against Whit in a marathon.

Run, Fat Boy, Run is not a bad comedy, it’s not actually that funny but more of a smile raiser. Pegg is very watchable in the lead role, and if you liked previous Simon Pegg TV and film work you will find something to like here. Thandie Newton turns in a suitably solid performance and looks great too. Dylan Moran has a decent sized role and brings his comic charm to the story, while Azaria is perfectly cast as the over achieving Whit.

Direction wise there is nothing wrong with the movie, it looks respectable in all scenes while not being a massive technical achievement in any way. Which is kind of how the movie is, it’s a decent little movie that will most likely make you smile rather than die laughing, make you say, ‘that was ok’ , rather than ‘that was amazing’. But there is nothing wrong with that, worth a rental I say if you’re a fan of any of the stars, or light hearted rom com’s.