Rubber – Movie Review


Let me start by saying this, Rubber is one of those movies that is so random, bizarre and original that it’s hard to even review, or in this case rather pointless.  You see Rubber is one of those movies that is something you should watch just because its so unique, but I’m not saying your going to like it.

Rubber follows the story of a car tire that comes to life and trundles along killing anything that gets in it’s way, mostly by use of it’s special power, vibrating insanely.  While this is going on however, a group of spectators are watching the events of the tire unfold as if its some theatrical event.  Running alongside this is a whole other plot that I’m not even going to try to go into, but suffice to say its quirky, B-movie’ish involves unrequited love and is all in all very strange.

Directed and written by multi-tasker Quentin Dupieux, who you will probably better know as Mr. Oizo the techno musician responsible for the song Flat Beat and four albums under the same pseudonym.  This might give you some more insight into why Rubber is so intriguing to watch its blend of visuals and sound make it oddly compelling at some points making you stay on board when the rather bizarre scenarios presented to you are telling you to turn off.

If there is one movie you will likely have trouble watching all the way through this year, it’s going to be Rubber, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try too.  Rubber is surreal, weird and has one of the strangest opening and quietly funny opening sequences in recent cinema.