Rodriguez back with new movie Nerveracker


A new movie from Robert Rodriguez that is aimed at adults is always a good thing. I’m not going to lie I haven’t seen any of his kids movies but I’m sure they still have the snap and pop that his other movies do.

Well First Showing have reported on a new Rodriguez movie called Nerveracker you can check out the original article here. Nerveracker is a sci fi futuristic thriller set in the years 2085, apparently the future is pretty perfect and not everyone is happy about that. And not everyone is pleased with the division of power in the future. Enter the lead character Joe Tezca, a member of an elite special division( that means cop I think, ) who while tracking down the nerverackers(yes its harder to type than you think) stumbles upon a corruption in the upper echelons of society and sets out to defeat the nerverackers and solve the future worlds problems.

Currently it sounds terrible and cliched, but it is a Rodriguez movie and if anything his movies keep getting better and better. Expect this to be a visual tour de force with a slightly cheesy plotline and some character dialouge that doesnt quite measure up. I’m already looking forward to it, and please someone tell me what a nerveracker is.