Robin Hood Featurette


With the release date for the new Ridley Scott version of the classic tale of Robin Hood, getting every closer, we are treated to a short but sweet featurette which we have right here for you to watch.

This 2010 version of the classic tale features Russel Crowe in the title role of Robin  and Cate Blanchett playing Lady Marion. Matthew Macfadyen takes the bad guy role as the Sheriff of Nottingham, but thats not all because Ridley Scott has managed to assemble as pretty impressive cast, with William Hurt, Mark Strong, Mark Addy, Danny Huston and Max von Sydow also making appearances in the movie.

Filming on Robin Hood only began on the 30th March 2009 but already the movie is set for release this year, just showing that the turnaround time for movies can be fairly short, with Robin Hood all set for a Cannes 2010 Film Festival release, which runs from May 12th to May 23rd.

Get your tights and your bow and arrow ready, Robin Hood is back.  You can take a look at the featurette for Robin Hood below.