Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Trailer with an all star cast


With Machete all lined up for a September 2010 release date, we have the trailer for the Grindhouse Promo, turned full action movie Machete. Machete stars Rodriguez regular Danny Trejo in the title role as a renegade former Mexican Federale who ends up on the wrong side of a few double deals involving a local drug lord played by Steven Seagal, a spin doctor with ulterior motives played by Jeff Fahey and a corrupt senator played by Robert De Niro.

Heading up the ladies is Agent Sartana played by Jessica Alba, a sexy taco truck lady played by Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsey Lohan playing Michael Benz, the spin doctors daughter.

Right now you might be thinking what the… Me too but it looks as though one of the best parts of Grindhouse is now fully fleshed out in a very typical Rodruigez movie, that seems to have all the elements that make his movies so much fun to watch. Throw in a very impressive cast with a mix of B movie stars and fully fledged A listers and Machete gets pretty interesting.

luckily we have the full Machete trailer right here so you can judge for yourself whether this should have stayed as a 3 minute trailer or been expanded to its current status.

Article by - Alan Dalton

Posted on - July 21st, 2010

Categories: Main Movie News
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2 Responses to “Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Trailer with an all star cast”

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    Hm, So i am ok with this nevertheless not entirely positive, therefore i am going to research a tad bit more.

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