Red Cliff and Adventures of Power – Posted


This week in Posted our round up of the latest movie posters we have two very different movies, first up in a martial arts epic from legendary filmmaker John Woo, and we also have a 2008 Sundance Film Festival comedy that is just gearing up to be released.

First up is Red Cliff the epic battle movie from John Woo, It’s already been released in Asia in two parts totaling around 280 minutes and broke records held by Titanic for the highest grossing movie in China and also is the most expensive Asia funded movie ever made.  When it will be realized in the west, Red Cliff will be condensed into a 140 minute single movie and that sounds like quite a big cut hopefully when released on DVD and Blu-ray here we will get the option of the full movie.  The poster for Red Cliff is stylish and tells you exactly what kind of movie it is, you can tell it’s an epic just from the vast amounts of figures in the poster and its actual hard to tell if its painted or photo manipulation.  Either way it looks great and Red Cliff is a movie i’m pretty excited about.

Next up is Adventures of Power, a movie written directed and starring Ari Gold.  Ari plays a mine worker called Power and his musical inability and passion for drumming leads him to be an air drummer where he finds hes not the only one and ends up on a journey through America.  It’s funny that a fictional movie is now being made on this subject because it wasn’t that long ago we had the real life documentary about air guitaring called Air Guitar Nation.  Something like Air Drumming is just inherently funny though so it seems like a good topic to base a comedy on.  Adventures of Power should be out very soon this year and so far has received good reviews all round.