Ratatouille – Review


Ratatouille is a Pixar animated movie, based in France. We follow the story of a Rat, Remy who can and wants to cook, unlike most rats who are happy to eat scraps and off food. He meets Linguini the son of a famous and just recently deceased chef Gusteau. Linguini who now works in Gusteau’s kitchen under former sous-chef, now head chef Skinner, Linguini works as a cleaner and has no idea how to cook, despite his recently deceased and unbeknown to him father being a master chef with the motto, ‘ Anyone can cook.’

The story begins in full as Remy Is separated from his family of rats by accident while escaping and soon becomes involved in Linguini’s life at the restaurant kitchen helping him to cook his way to the top in the Restaurant of Gusteau’s much to Skinners Dismay. Well that’s as much of the story as i’m going to explain its not massively complicated just quite hard to actually formulate into words, and if you do watch the movie I don’t want to ruin it all for you.

Ratatouille is a Pixar movie, so it looks great, they have really captured a nice balance of stylized design and realism, with some of the backdrops from Paris looking almost photorealistic in a good way until you drop down to street level and see the stylized cars and slightly quirky looking characters. The water scenes are also amazing with again a great blend of realism and style. T the facial animation and the voice acting are also great, with each character having a voice that matches their look, all backed with a highly suitable soundtrack.

Ratatouille then, It’s not too deep it’s not to flashy, it does have likeable characters, it does also look great, it’s a bit long but not drawn out and filled with a lot of slapstick humor including lots of laugh out loud moments.