Quick Movie Review Roundup – Inception, and Knight and Day

Okay this week we have a bunch of movie roundup from the last few weeks for you to take a look at. Gracing our quick movie review roundup today are Christopher Nolans Inception, and the big screen remake of the A-Team which looks to capture the appeal of the TV show.

First up let’s start with Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which is obviously a labour of love for Nolan, with the script being something he’s worked on for many years before finally getting an opportunity to bring a movie this big to the theatres. With such a potentially deep story to envelop us in, Nolan does a good job at throwing us straight into the action while managing to keep the character stories intact by explaining the motivation at various points throughout the movie. With a strong cast featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who all do a stellar job in some seriously sticky situations. If you haven’t guessed by now i pretty much loved Inception, Nolan always brings a rather dark tone to his movies and his big screen flicks always have the x factor, Inception gets a big thumbs up definitely one for you science fiction fans and anyone who likes complicated and action packed movies.

Next up we have the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz action comedy thriller, Knight and Day, which puts a super secret agent played by Cruise into a situation that involves Diaz’s character and they end up on a journey of destruction, mayhem and possibly more. Knight and Day is an action comedy and it does have it’s fair share of laughs and action, but it goes on just a little to long and the characters aren’t really that like able. Diaz and Cruise are both seasoned professionals and they turn in good performances and overall i actually didn’t mind the movie which just about sums it up, Knight and Day could quite easily have been better i just can’t put my finger on how. If your a Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz fan your going to love this movie, it’s really not a bad movie it’s just not a great movie.