Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 22


The aim of the game is pretty simple we show you a movie poster and you have to guess which movie the poster is from. The hard part is that the poster has been pixelated and this makes it much trickier to identify. This week it’s a movie from a good while ago and a cult classic that spawned a couple of sequels, another small clue for you is that this franchise is now finally getting a fourth movie.


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Article by - Alan Dalton

Posted on - February 16th, 2010

Categories: Main Movie Feature Pixelated
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2 Responses to “Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 22”

  1. Aylin Says:

    This is so pretty Mina love the rbibon and the butterfly touch. Oh dear bet you paniced when saw Phils pills glad all sorted now.Do you mean had to lauch think it shoud be x where your z are but I could be wrontlol.Enjoy your sorting out.Very cold and windy here.brrrr…Myrax

  2. Lucilene Says:

    Photos are fine hun, can even see the paper texture – gooeurgs card, I love the black matting, it really brings the whole thing to life and shows off those fab papers a treat. And who could not love that super cute little fairy! Hugs Sxx