Pirates of the Caribbean – Possible sequel news


The News is all around about a sequel to the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy is in the pipeline. Jack Sparrow is reported to be coming back for another round of Pirate related fun and tomfoolery with some of the original cast member not making the cut. Cinema Blend broke the news here, but the details are not solid or confirmed. However with the massive cash making Pirate’s movie trilogy all involved were on a winner, we got some imaginative and fun films, with great casts and visuals and the studios raked in the dollars. With this is mind it could well be true, but it appears from the scoop that we shouldn’t be expecting a sequel any time too soon, with dates from 2009 to 2011 being thrown about.

So consider it hearsay at the moment but i would be more than happy to see a return to the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.