Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie Review

pirates_of_silicon_valley_review.jpgPirates of Silicon Valley is a movie I completely missed first time round, and it’s only recently through a recommendation that I actually got round to seeing it.  Pirates of Silicon Valley is a 1999 TV docudrama based on the book Fire in the Valley and follows the early story of two groups of computing pioneers in Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and Paul Allen, who went on to form that little company Microsoft.  And Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who went on to form an almost unheard off company called Apple.

If you even remotely interested in computers, or how two of the biggest worldwide companies came about then Pirates of Silicon Valley is a must see movie.  While the movie was filmed without any input from the characters the actors portray, some of them did comment after on how accurate some of the scenes in the movie were to how things actually happened.

Both the main characters, and the supporting actors do a great job, Noah Wyle plays Jobs and actually looks remarkably like a younger Steve Jobs did.  Anthony Michael Hall plays Bill Gates and he does a great job too, you may remember Hall from the Breakfast Club, but he has quite a few of Bill’s mannerisms down in Pirates.

Like any good movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley focuses on the characters as they progress on their story arc, and the story here is literally something that has affected everyone’s life, modern computing is where it’s at partly due to these two groups.  I really like Pirates of Silicon Valley and for a TV movie it’s pretty well made.  For anyone who is a self confessed computer geek, or someone who is interested in business or how the computers they use everyday came around, I would definitely recommend it.