Oceans 13 – Review


Oceans 13 is the sequel to Oceans 12, which wasn’t a very good movie, this was the sequel to Oceans 11 which was a pretty good entertaining slick and cool movie. So the big question is will Oceans 13 be another 12 or will it be another 11.

All the cast are back for this outing with a couple of new additions, Al Pacino plays Willie Bank, and Ellen Barkin plays the quirkily named Abigail Sponder his right hand woman. They hustle Reuben once again played by Elliot Gould out of a shared business deal and he takes it badly getting ill and refusing to talk. Danny Ocean, Rusty and the rest of the team set out to even the scores and get some payback on Willie Bank on behalf of Reuben.

Ocean’s 13 shares more with the first movie than the second, its set in Las Vegas again which provides the much need glamour and settings for this movie. Compared to the last movie the plot line is more straight forward and easier to follow. It just allows you to enjoy the ride as the team go through various set ups and scams to get Willie Bank back for his betrayal of Reuben. The plot moves on at a fast pace and introduces some new ideas and setbacks to the mission as they go along to keep things fresh. The cool music is back, the flashy backdrop scenery, all the characters and the great hustles.

If you liked Oceans 11, you’re going to like this, if you liked 12 then this is going to seem like a masterpiece in comparison. It’s a great way to end the series on a high note with a good return to form. Personally I hope they don’t make any more movies in the series but if they do ill definitely be watching them.