Ocean’s 13 is back, new trailer

oceans_13_1.jpgThe 3rd Ocean’s movie is due out in 2007, Appropriately titled Ocean’s 13, no surprises there then. Everyone is back for more fun with some new faces thrown in to keep things lively, after the rather lacking Ocean’s 12 can they recapture the flow of Oceans 11? Help will be provided by Al Pacino, Eddie Izzard and Ellen Barkin, Vincent Cassell is back, as is Andy Garcia so the movies is not short of names.

Ocean’s 13 started shooting in July 2007 in Las Vegas and Los Aangeles, this is also to be the final film in the trilogy. Oceans 13 is pencilled in to be released on the 8th June 2007 and you can view a trailer for it below in quicktime format.

Ocean’s 13 Quicktime trailer here