New Star Trek photos surface


JJ Abrams much awaited reboot of the Star Trek universe is getting closer to its release, and in true movie hype build up style were getting something every few months just to keep our interest piqued. This time is Empire who are bringing us a couple of new photos from Star Trek in which Abrams is taking the familiar and tying to make it all new and shiny again.

If anyone is capable of getting a project like this back on its feet I think Abrams is a stellar choice. Backed up with a wealth of back catalogue projects that demonstrate his ability to define characters and mix them into the midst of some great action scenes and drag them along for some often intense payoffs.

Abrams however has a penchant for dropping characters left right and center I wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one of the starship enterprise cast biting the dust, and almost definitely a few more changes to the history of the Star Trek universe should be expected. Here’s an excerpt of Abrams talking to ‘All my smart friends liked Star Trek,’ [Abrams] says. ”I preferred a more visceral experience…that grabbed me the way Star Wars did.” That meant a bigger budget and better special effects than any previous Trek film, plus freedom to reinvent the mythos as needed.’ So it seems like some creative license has been granted and I think it would be foolish if it wasn’t grabbed whole heartedly to bring Star Trek the much updated reboot it needs bringing it screaming back into line with some more contemporary twists. The rest of the interview is equally interesting and you can read it here at Screenrant.

And dont forget to check out the new pictures over at ugo here.