Movie Trailer Round-up – Insidious, Apollo 18 and Gantz


This week we’re doing some catching up on a few cool movie trailers.  From upcoming horror movies Insidious, to Sci Fi thriller Apollo 18 and the Japanese live action adaptation of manga and anime series Gantz.

First up is insidious which comes from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw and is a none too original horror movie about a cursed child.  Yep we’ve seen this before right?  Well Insidious stars Rose Bryne and Patrick Wilson as the parents in what looks to be a deeply creepy movie.  I wasn’t expecting much from the movie overview but if you like your shockers then this one looks as though its going to do the job, the trailer is downright creepy and hair-raising.  You can take a look at the trailer for insidious below.

Next up we have Apollo 18 which follows a non publicised mission to the moon where things are going all that great for the crew. Shot for a budget of $5 million Apollo 18 uses a non typical shooting style presenting a lot of the action from cameras on scene in the vehicles and ships, which adds to the low budget realism feel that movies like Paranormal Activity and the Blair Witch did so well. Producing the movie is Timur Bekmambetow who you should remember from Night Watch and Wanted. You can watch the trailer for Apollo 18 below.

Finally comes Gantz the live action adaptation of a long running and successful Magna and Anime series that follows the story of two high school students who are involved in a train accident. From here on the movie takes an almost surreal dream like status where they and us don’t really know what’s going on apart from the fact they have to accept challenges from a black sphere known only as Gantz. You can watch the trailer for Gantz below.