Megan Fox Starring in Jennifer’s Body – Supernatural Dark Horror


Jennifer’s Body has a great mix, Megan Fox, Supernatural horror and some dark comedy action.  Jennifer’s Body is also written by Diablo Cody who crafter the very popular Juno, and from all accounts Jennifer’s Body is in a similar tone to the classic dark comedy Heathers.

Megan Fox stars in the title role as Jennifer Check the high school cheerleader with a serious mean streak who is possessed by a demon and decided to start feasting off her fellow classmates.  In steps her best friend Needy played by Amanda Seyfried who is determined to remedy the situation which was original caused by Nikolai Wolf played by Adam Brody and his demonic worshipping rock band.



Personally I think Jennifer’s Body sounds like a really cool mix of elements, which could just be the slightly cheesy but fun filled dark humour that we haven’t seen much of lately and that’s needed sometimes to break up the very big and very serious summer blockbusters.  With the very pretty Megan Fox in the title role you can expect this to be a big hit regardless of the reviews, throw in a Diablo Cody script and the likeable Adam Brody and some dark humour with satanic overtones, how can it go wrong?

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Jennifer’s Body, you can watch it here.